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Free Pattern for a Squared Baby Blanket

Squared Baby Blanket

What you need

Sirdar Baby Bamboo DK
2 balls Main Colour (MC)
2 balls First Contrast (1C)
1 ball Second Contrast (2C)
Knitting Needles 4mm / 3.25mm (UK8 / 10)
Fabric for Lining (if required)

Approx Size 40cms x 55cms.
The beauty of this blanket although in squares you actually only sew up strips.


First strip
Cast on 31sts using MC and size 4mm (8) needles
1st Row:- Knit
2nd Row:- Purl
Repeat these 2 rows 19 times more
41st Row:- Knit
42nd Row:- Cast off purlwise to last stitch leaving it on the right hand needle
Join in 1C
43rd Row:- Using 1C, starting with the stitch left on the needle, knit it and pick
up knitwise 30sts from cast off edge of previous row 31sts
44th Row:- Purl with 1C
45th Row:- Knit with MC
46th Row:- Purl with MC
47th Row:- Knit with 1C
48th Row:- Purl with 1C
Repeat the 45th -48th row, 8 times more then 45th -46th row once more ending on
the 83rd row Knit,
84th Row:- As 42nd Row
Join in MC
85th Row:- Using MC as 43rd Row
86th Row:- Purl
87th Row:- Knit
Repeat the 86th -87th rows 19 times more
126th Row:- As 42nd Row
Join in 2C
127th Row:- Using 2C as 43rd Row
128th Row:- Purl with 2C
129th Row:- Knit with MC
130th Row:- Purl with MC
131st Row:- Knit with 2C
132nd Row:- Purl with 2C
Repeat the 129th - 132nd rows 9 times more.
Cast off all stitches knitwise using 2C.
First strip finished.

Second Strip
First Square
Cast on 31sts using 1C work in stocking stitch as before work striped pattern
using 1C and 2C following previous striped pattern.
Second Square
Stocking stitch in 2C.
Third Square
As First Square using MC and 2C.
Fourth Square
Stocking stitch in 2C.
Cast off.
Second Strip finished.

Third Strip
First Square
Cast on 31sts using 1C
Stocking stitch in 1C.
Second Square
As third square on second stripe using 2C and 1C.
Third Square
Stocking stitch in 1C.
Fourth Square
As second square using MC and 1C.
Cast off.
Third Strip finished
Make Up
Sew up strip seams.
Sew in ends.

Using 3.25mm (10) needles
Pick up and knit 93sts along short edge in 1C.
Knit 9 rows.
Cast off.
Do the same with the other short edge.
Using MC
Pick up and knit 7sts from border, 33sts from each square and 7sts from top
border 146sts
Knit 9 rows.
Cast off.
Do the same with the other long edge.
Cut lining to fit, sew along inside of border, tack on corners of the squares.(If

Blanket designed by Cynthia Binks

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